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Tiptoe walking

Even in the absence of neurological deficits, toe-walking (habitual pes equinus) in children is a phenomenon that has long concerned therapists and physicians. The reasons for this have yet to be clarified unequivocally. It is known, however, that chronic toe-walking can lead to tension throughout the entire muscles of the calf and foot along with the risk that the Achilles tendon is shortened. Years later, disturbing pain often arises in this area. 

This is why physiotherapists begin working with these children at a very early age to relax their calf muscles. Evidence shows that supporting treatment with PROPRIO® foot orthoses can help to permanently reinforce this effect.

PROPRIO® foot orthoses custom-fabricated for pes equinus have two “steps” in the front sole area that slightly bend the foot sole and toes upwards. Similar to relieving a cramp in the calf, the child's muscles react to the foot being stretched by relaxing. Children usually demonstrate improved heel striking after a period as short as a few weeks. However, it is imperative to ensure that they always wear the proper footwear.