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Relaxed golfing with proprioceptive foot orthoses


Playing golf is relaxing. Provided you’re using the proper swing technique and your body plays along. Indeed, golfers out on the course often experience pain in the lumbar spine or have other back problems, among other things due to unilateral overload on the body. Traversing 18 — or even just 9 — holes with on feet afflicted by from pes planovalgus or splay foot is sure to put a real damper on your game. That is why your feet should also be fitted with customized orthoses that accommodate your body's individual physical needs. Please do not use just “presumed” golf orthosis. Make sure to wear one that supports your body holistically. As the name suggests, proprioceptive foot orthoses positively influence your sensory and motor system, thereby strengthening the foot muscles.


Wie wirken Propriozeptive Einlagen?

Propriozeptive Einlagen basieren auf dem Prinzip, den Rezeptoren in den Muskeln, Sehnen und Gelenken durch die spezielle Oberflächenbeschaffenheit der Einlage Impulse zu geben, die zu stärkeren Muskeln, entlasteten Sehnen und verbesserter Gelenkstellung führen.