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Building up body tension

 (1) Starting position

(2) Bend knee slightly

(3) Feel the tension in your gluteal and abdominal muscles with your hands

(4) Pull your shoulders back


Today, you’ll exercise by assuming a stable body position so that nothing can knock you down, just like the fighters in martial arts movies. (1) First, stand in front of a mirror and relax your body. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and turned slightly outward. (2) Now bend your knees slightly, making sure that you feel a slight tensioning in your thighs. Next, tense up your gluteal and abdominal muscles as well. Now bend your knees a little bit more and maintain the tension in your legs, abdomen and glutes. (3) Put one hand on your bottom and the other on your stomach and feel the tension in the muscles while slowly moving your pelvis forward. (4) Once you've done this, pull your shoulders back slightly as well. Make sure, however, that the pelvis remains stable in the forward position. Finally, give yourself a double chin (don't worry if it looks funny, nobody’s watching). Imagine you're a warrior preparing to be attacked and stay standing like this for 1 minute.


Sets: 3 x 1 minute


    • Lordosis

    • “limp” posture


    • Increase body tension

    • Improve torso mobility

    • Better muscle control

    • Improve proprioception