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Training pelvic mobility

(1) Starting position

(2) Assume a "defensive position” and stay as relaxed as possible

(3) Try to block the ball thrown at you, first to the left …

(4) ... then to the right


(1) Sit on a large exercise ball and keep your hands up like a handball goalkeeper. (2) Simply imagine that there is a handball goal behind you and you can’t let a single ball get past you. (3-4) A second person stands across from you and throws a small foam ball at you. Be on your guard and try to block the ball, alternating between the right and left sides. There’s just one catch: You’re not allowed to get up! You have to stay seatedand roll to one side or the other to block the foam ball being thrown at you. This will loosen up your pelvis and improve your mobility.

Repetition: 5 minutes daily


    • Poor pelvic mobility


    • Improve proprioception

    • Promote pelvic mobility

    • Better muscle control