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Strengthening the back muscles (difficult)

(1) Starting position

(2) Keeping your arms and legs stretched out, lift them up off the ground and hold this position

(3) Version with hands clasped behind the head

(4) Version with hands clasped behind the head


(1) Lie down on your belly on an exercise mat and stretch your arms forward, laying them down next to your head. Your fingertips should be pointing forward. (2) Now try to lift up your arms and your upper body while simultaneously lifting and extending your legs. Hold this position and count to 30. (3-4) If it is easier for you, you can also perform this exercise with your hands clasped behind your head.


Sets: 5 x 30 seconds


    • Hunched back

    • Protruding shoulder blades

    • Trunk tilted forward


    Strengthening the back muscles