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Strengthening the shoulder muscles

 (1) Starting position


(2) Perform rowing movement


(3) Perform rowing movement

(4) Perform rowing movement


Attach an elastic rubber band (Thera-Band) to a fixed object (e.g. the door handle when the door is closed). Please don’t forget to put a note on the door so that no one opens it while you are exercising with it! Cabinets are unsuitable for this purpose because they can tip over. A stable radiator pipe might also work. Make sure to discuss the exercise with your parents beforehand. (1) Once you've secured the band, sit down with your legs on the ground and grab one end with each hand. Imagine that you are sitting in a boat and you have to row it across a lake. (2-4) Perform slow and powerful rowing movements. Make sure that your arms remain more or less at shoulder level.


Sets: 3 x 30 repetitions


    • Drooping shoulders


    • Strengthening the shoulder muscles

  • ationHunched shoulders