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Body awareness training

(1) Do this exercise every day; try it when you're waiting at the bus stop.



(2) Consciously move your center of gravity onto your heels


This exercise serves to improve your perception of your body and to correct your posture so that there is less pressure on your front feet. It is important that you perform this exercise daily in a recurrent, familiar everyday situation, e.g. while brushing your teeth or waiting for the bus. Assume a deliberate stance and feel how your body weight is being supported by your feet. Now shift your weight slowly as far as possible from your forefoot to your heel without tipping over. This will initially feel strange for you, as if you were standing at an angle. Bit by bit, however, you will notice that there is less and less pressure on your overloaded forefoot. The goal is for you to eventually always make these conscious corrections in everyday situations and to "reprogram" your posture by actively modifying the pressure on your feet.

Repetition: 2x daily e.g. while waiting at the bus stop or brushing your teeth.



    • Indication
    • • Pain from splay feet
    • • Pain experienced due to overloaded forefeet
    • Objective
    • • Shifting your center of gravity off of your forefeet and onto your heels