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Stretching/lengthening the thoracic spine

(1) Starting position

(2) Wrap your hands around one knee and arch your back


(3) Then relax and return to the starting position



(4) Switch legs and repeat


(1) Lie down in the supine position with your legs stretched out on an exercise mat. 

(2) Bend one leg up towards your upper body and grip that knee with your hands. Arch your back like a cat's and gently press your knee against your upper body. Raising your head up slightly off the floor. Make sure to round your back as much as possible and hold this position 10 seconds. (3-4) Then relax and switch legs.


Repetition: 3 x 10 seconds per leg


    • Tense back


    • Stretch the thoracic spine

    • Relaxing the back muscles