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Hyperpronating feet

Hyperpronating feet If children hyperpronate or have a flattened longitudinal foot arch (fallen arches), or have a combination of both defects, their condition may result in symptoms and pain in the long term. Even for the untrained eye, it is relatively easy to tell that the foot is "slanted” inwards and the soles of the shoe wear out quickly. Here, a cautious approach is advisable. If the feet remain uncorrected, this puts an unphysiological burden on the ankle joints, knee and often on the back as well. Typically, the legs also tend to “kink”, causing knock knees, hyperlordosis and kyphosis. In many children, their feet can be corrected by training the foot muscles better. PROPRIO® foot orthoses support this process and are designed so that the tibialis anterior muscles, which are primarily responsible for stabilizing the arch of the foot, are stimulated to do more work. In addition to wearing foot orthoses, children should do foot gymnastics as well as exercises on a daily basis to counteract any hyperlordosis or kyphosis.

Beim Einknicken des Fußes nach innen kommt es zu einer Verdrehung des Unterschenkels und dadurch zu einer unnatürlichen Verkantung des Kniegelenks. Knieschmerzen sind so vorprogrammiert.
Einknickende Füße und Knieschmerzen

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