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Sensorimotor foot orthoses by Woltring/SPRINGER


Foot orthoses stimulate the receptors in the muscles and tendons of your foot and the body responds to these stimuli by adapting its muscular tension. Sensorimotor foot orthoses are also called active foot orthoses because they stimulate the active elements governing movement – our muscles. This takes pressure off the foot, harmonizes movement and facilitates running. The PROPRIO® orthopedic experts check and analyze your sensorimotor function, your body's statics and, above all, your movement patterns. You receive competent advice and, as needed, your own unique, custom-fit PROPRIO® foot orthoses.

Your feet are the basis for—and the key to—harmonious movement and, as such, belong in expert hands. Find an expert in your vicinity and consult them for advice: Expert search.

How PROPRIO foot orthoses stimulate your muscles

The distinctive quality of these foot orthoses is defined by their “power spots” — sensorimotor impulse points— which send stimuli into the central nervous system of the body, thereby creating a change in muscle tone. more ...

How much do sensorimotor foot orthoses cost?

Are foot orthoses covered by health insurance? Conventional foot orthoses are covered by your health insurance. Sensorimotor foot orthoses may be covered, but not necessarily.more...

PROPRIO foot orthoses for neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are often extensive, often limiting the mobility of those affected. Our special PROPRIO® NEURO foot orthoses were developed specifically to help these individuals regain their lost control of gait balance.more ...


In the subsites CHILDREN, PAIN and EXERCISE, we have compiled stretching and strengthening exercises for you, as well as exercises to train proprioception. Daily application can help you achieve a feeling of greater body stability and support the action of your foot orthoses.