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PROPRIO – Sensorimotor foot orthoses by Woltring/SPRINGER

PROPRIO — Sensorimotor foot orthoses by Woltring/SPRINGER The distinctive properties of these foot orthoses are the stimulating elements uniquely arranged over the surface; their efficacy has been unequivocally demonstrated in a study. The nervous system processes the targeted tendon stimuli and reacts by adapting its muscle tone. This predictably allows pressure to be relieved from groups of muscles and joints, thereby correcting gait patterns or positively influencing movement habits.


ACTIVE INSTEAD OF PASSIVE — STIMULATION OF MUSCLE CHAINS Orthopedic disorders are often as good as preprogrammed into knees, hips, Achilles tendons or the back, starting as early as childhood and caused by lack of stance control from foot malalignment. Since our bodies are not built of isolated parts, but are “chained” together through joints, any foot malpositioning will almost always affect the joints and muscles located above it. PROPRIO® foot orthoses can help balance muscle chains and relieve joints.


Chain reactions through muscles and limbs

Proprioceptive and mechanoreceptive stimuli triggered by the foot orthosis cause reactions along the entire muscle and limb chain. Overloaded structures receive relief.


Conventional or sensorimotor?

Conventional foot orthoses

Conventional foot orthoses use biomechanical correction to properly secure and take pressure off painful feet. They distribute pressure under the sole of the foot and support passive structures, such as ligaments and bones.

Sensorimotor foot orthoses

Sensorimotor foot orthoses do even more than this, because they moreover stimulate the foot sole's sensory receptors, allowing muscles to be stimulated or relaxed and alleviating pain in ailing foot structures.