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Strengthening the abdominal muscles (difficult)

(1) Starting position


(2) Stretch out your legs and hold them up straight at a 90° angle


(3) Stretch your toes upward until your pelvis lifts up off the mat


(4) Variation with your legs crossed


(5) Lift your pelvis up slightly with your legs crossed



(1) Lie in the supine position with your arms beside your body and you palms turned downwards. (2) Lift

your stretched legs slowly upwards into a 90° position until your pelvis lifts up slightly off the mat (3) Then

set your legs back down again in a controlled manner

Variation: After you have stretched your legs up, cross your feet. Cross them the other way around each time

you lift your feet.

Sets: 3 x 10 repetitions


    •  Strengthen the abdominal muscles